Thursday, July 29, 2010

Don't Rubberstamp Kagan Nomination for Obama

A fine address by Jeff Sessions but it is enough?  Are the Republicans stuck in an old paradigm?

Sessions quotes regarding Kagan ..."she is largely a Progressive in the mold of Obama himself." I'm pretty sure most of us had already come to that conclusion.

We certainly hope that the statesman like approach of Senator Sessions(R) in his appeal to Democrats finds fertile ground in their minds but if you have to tell your peers "to wake up next year, next year, and find some judge redefining the Constitution to say something it was never intended to say" and "Don't be a lemming- review this nomination"  and  "I'm afraid we have a dangerous Progressive political type nominee...",  isn't it likely they already knew it as well?  I do not see this appeal swaying his colleagues on the other side of the aisle but we can hope.

I know most of us couldn't agree more with Mr. Sessions finding however one must ask if a measured response such as his is enough to turn back the tide of progressivism that is wholly engaged in a war on our Constitution, society and way of life.

I ask where is the Conservative version of Ted Kennedy during the Bork nomination?  Why do we not have someone vociferously attacking this woman for what she is.   At the end of the day Mr. Sessions approach is certainly not Chamberlainesque but he is no Winston Churchill either.  I for one am afraid his approach is so much tepid arm waving in the face of a Grizzly attack.

Where are our leaders?